Discover Tai Chi DVD - AM/PM Workouts

Discover Tai Chi DVD - AM/PM Workouts
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Product Description

Discover Tai Chi - A.M. Workout: Renowned Tai Chi expert Scott Cole has empowered audiences in over 30 countries as an author, speaker, and wellness motivator. Now you can join him in graceful Tai Chi postures like "Dance of Five Elements" and "Standing Tree in Breeze". This workout is an excellent way to energize and begin your day!

Discover Tai Chi - P.M. Workout: Join wellness expert Scott Cole, both in his personal Tai Chi studio and on the exotic beaches of Hawaii, on a journey toward complete relaxation with the Discover Tai Chi PM Workout. This 30-minute workout features a medley of Yang style Tai Chi postures and healing Chi Kung exercises to help you completely relax at the end of the day.