Get Fit America for Kids LIVE

Get Fit America for Kids LIVE
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Product Description

Get Fit America for Kids LIVE features active school assemblies with children of all ages (K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-8th) joyfully participating in Scott's proven program of Yoga, Tai Chi, Cardio, Strength, Partnered Trust-Building, and Meditation, along with valuable educational tips and insights for each age group on HOW to motivate, teach, and MOVE children with mind/body exercise.

NOTE: Get Fit America for Kids LIVE DVD is an educational tool for adults, and the NAPPA-AWARD-Winning Get Fit America for Kids Workout DVD is designed for kids to use as a workout. Together, the Get Fit America for Kids Program is a mindful solution to help prevent ADHD, improve focus, restore social skills, and inspire overall health and vitality for children of all ages, while educating adults on HOW TO implement mindful exercise into schools, fitness centers, recreational facilities, and more!!!

"Get Fit America for Kids is designed for ALL children. It is non-competitive, joyful, mindful, and FUN. See for yourself, and let's all work to keep America's children happy, healthy, creative, and conscious."---Scott Cole