Yoga Tai Chi DVD

Yoga Tai Chi DVD
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Product Description

Experience the ultimate blending of martial and healing arts: Yoga and Tai Chi.

Feel the Yin/Yang balance of flowing Chi Kung exercises, grounding Tai Chi postures, and prana-filled Yoga poses, along with movement therapy, innovative stretching and seamless transitions that make Yoga Tai Chi so marvelously unique and powerful at all levels. Yoga Tai Chi with Scott Cole is a complete workout experience, concluding with Scott's famous White Light Guided Imagery Savasana Meditation.

In addition to the main workout, advanced BONUS sections include:

1) Chiseling Yoga Abs and Core (with Rich Roe)

2) Yoga Warrior/Tai Chi Snake Creeps Down Vinyasa (with Debbie Zan)

3) Tai Chi Martial Da Lu (with Kaleo Indigo)

Yoga Tai Chi is great for all levels of exercisers.